Remember when?

Remember when kids played kerbie in the street or when people knew each other’s names or when Saturday mornings were noisy and city centres, full. Mind that time? 

We remember the smells, the laughter, the shouts, the hustle and bustle, young and old. 

When shops were busy and people chatted on buses, when neighbour called on neighbour, when community wasn’t just a word but life itself. 

Turning the conventional on its head, rethinking how we live and work, creating new spaces and landscapes, we know that it can be done. The only thing that is constant is change said the Greeks and it's as true now as it was then. Change is coming, people are moving back to our cities, cities are bustling again, and skylines are evolving. 

Now is the time to change the conversation to what is being created, to breathe new life into our buildings and attract and retain talent in our cities for the next generation of city dwellers.

It's already happening; be a part of it. 

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138 Hydepark Street
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Providence Yard
Ezra Street
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