We are holding another public event to showcase the progress we have made at Merchant Residential, our proposed redevelopment at the corner of High Street and George Street.

The new 3D visuals designed by Glasgow-based ADF Architects will go on display at Merchant Square on Thursday 31 January from 4pm to 8pm.

The exhibition will be an opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators in the city to meet with the project team and to hear about the new co-working and start-up spaces that are being designed and residential apartments.

Plans include a new lifestyle lounge area on the ground floor open to the public with a coffee bar as well as commercial letting spaces to attract creatives with more than 200 rental apartments over ten floors. New landscape gardens will be integrated into the designs as well as space for the Old College bar incorporated into the new proposal.

The event will be another opportunity for residents, local businesses and stakeholders to feed into the proposals and meet with the property-management arm, BOHO.

We are proposing a residential build and have been working with Glasgow City Council to regenerate a key opportunity site after scrapping plans for student accommodation.

Craig Inglis, founder and chief executive of Structured House Group, said: “Our event hopes to give locals, residents, innovators and the wider community a look and feel about what we are creating in the city and how we plan to manage what will be a great venue for the local community as well as our residents.  We welcomed the new High Street Strategy and believe our plans will contribute positively to the reinvigoration of the site.

“We don’t just want to build, we want to build a community within our building for our residents. We plan to breathe new life into our site which is in need of regeneration and as you turn from High Street to George Street, our new design pays homage to the heritage of the area and links with new buildings such as the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC).”

Residents, local businesses, start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs are encouraged to come along and meet the team on Thursday 31 January between 4pm-8pm at Merchant Square, 71 Albion Street Glasgow.

If you would like to send us your thoughts:


ICENI | 177 West George Street | Glasgow | G2 2LB


“Our vision to change the here and now in existing property markets, harness innovation, empower our flock and be internationally recognised as those folk who do a great job.”

Our new property-management company, BOHO, based in Glasgow has launched its bold, ambitious, creative, fun and fabulous new website. 

From student to hotel, to our residential experience, BOHO takes our vast knowledge of the market and makes it their own.  

With an eclectic nod to design, a flair for creativity, an enviable amount of talent in our teams, BOHO pure and simple is a great opportunity to do things the right way, the BOHO way, from the very beginning. 

We couldn’t just handover our buildings to others who didn’t have the passion we have, so we built our own property-management wing to operate our portfolio. 

BOHO looks after our spaces and places; each with their own identity much like the uniqueness of the cities we have landed in. 

Browse around and see our first property located in Glasgow’s West End at Scotway House. 

We don’t just build, we build communities.

Welcome to

Tearing down the walls

When people talk about co-living and co-working what do they mean? It’s described as a  relatively new phenomenon but when you think about it, people have been co-living their whole lives.

When you are born you co-live with your parents, when you go to university, you co-live with your flatmates, and when you meet someone, again, you’re co-living. It’s something we all do but don’t think about.



The concept of sharing is not new as people have always shared facilities such as gardens and amenities in residential developments – but what is new is the drive to create better communities for people, socially and economically.

Rapid urbanisation, ageing populations and non-nuclear families means that there is no one size fits all approach anymore. We are all living in different ways with many choosing to move back into cities for jobs, convenience and city living.

Whether you are old or young, the idea of having all the luxuries like a gym, cinema, restaurant, library and bar under the same roof, included in the price of your rent, is a dream for many.

By turning convention on its head and believing it can be done differently, we are creating new spaces to do just this.

We have a transient population choosing to move between cities for work, life and the experience; those who really do value the journey over the destination.

We also know we have an isolation problem with others wanting a community feel rather than being alone. So because we know this, we have taken great care to design with people in mind and to create communities through our fabulous and flamboyant brand, BOHO.

Let us be a part of your story.

Be bold; be ambitious

Where we are, where we are going, and what we want to achieve, at Structured House, we think about creation and building of new communities.

Be that in new spaces or forgotten locations, we want to get to know our neighbours and invest in people, places and in our cities.

There’s a new wave of thinking that values flexibility and choice over traditional ways of living and working. It’s with one another, with our neighbours, with strangers, with communities creating new community-living and co-living spaces.

Our millennials now demand flexibility moving from city-to-city, job-to-job and our empty nesters want their capital to travel, where we’re seeing a move back into our cities for ease of travel and services. Families are no longer nuclear. There’s no one size fits all.

We don’t just pay lip service to this. We are at the forefront of creating this. Like pioneers, we know that we all need to look at other angles and see what can be achieved and make the change happen.

We see the potential in urban spaces, in unloved and neglected sites, where town and cities can bring back residential living into our cities. We’re ambitious and daring and we are doing it.

And it doesn’t stop there. We not only purchase, design, obtain planning and build, we choose to look after the places we own through the launch of our very own in-house management company, BOHO.

It means we can build for the long-term, get to know our neighbours, look after our properties and our residents. We’re making spaces in places where people want to live, work,  socialising and grow.

Choosing BOHO is a way of life.