BOHO is created from the word ‘Bolthole’ and
‘Bohemian’ – a place where people can escape and
hide – where residents in our accommodation feel
safe, secure and comfortable in their own bolthole,
no matter where and how they live.

From student to hotel, to our residential experience,
BOHO takes our vast knowledge of the market and
makes it our own.

With an eclectic nod to design, our flair for creativity,
an enviable amount of talent in our teams, BOHO pure
and simple is a great opportunity to do things the right
way, the BOHO way, from the very beginning.

We couldn’t just hand over our buildings to others
who didn’t have the passion we have, so we took
the ambitious and brave decision to build our own
property-management wing to operate our portfolio.

And we’re very proud of our offspring. Our team is as
flamboyant and fabulously creative as you’d expect.
BOHO looks after each of our spaces and places;
each with their own BOHO identity much like the
uniqueness of the cities we’ve landed in.

We celebrate all kinds of living. From when you first
leave home as a student through to graduating to
co-living, to landing your first job and living in our
“enhanced” apartments, BOHO will take you home.
And as you journey through life, our hotels will show
you new horizons and possibilities, so you can lead
the life you want, how you want, and where you want.

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138 Hydepark Street
G3 8BW


Providence Yard
Ezra Street
E2 7RJ


General Enquires:
(44) 141 248 7985

Media Enquiries:
(44) 141 471 5428
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