Scotway House shortlisted for the Scottish Property Awards

Structured House Group is shortlisted for the Scottish Property Awards 2020.

Scotway House has been shortlisted for Student Accommodation of the Year and is nominated alongside five other finalists.

The flagship 400-bed student residence along the Clydeside is a state-of-the-art, tech-savvy build, and home to students from Scotland, the rest of the UK, and around the world.

Operated by BOHO, work began on Scotway House in 2018 to transform the derelict area into a 14-storey tower and 6-storey residence with an additional three-level building dedicated to studying and socialising for students to access 24/7.

The social space includes a library, cinema room, gym, social break-out zones, study pods and outdoor terraces.

Already the property, managed and opreated by BOHO, has been named one of the most instagrammable student properties by, shortlisted by the Herald Property Awards, winner of the ‘Amazing Space’ at the Northern Design Awards 2019 with KKA Interiors, and is shortlisted for Innovation of the Year at the upcoming Property Week’s Student Accommodation Awards 2019 in London next week.

More than 60 businesses applied for the national competition and we wish all nominees the best of luck on the night.

The awards recognise projects and people in commercial and public property across Scotland. The 7th annual awards will be held on the 20th February at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

See inside the award-winning Scotway House

Sneak peek inside our award-winning Scotway House

A sneak peek inside the stunning, three-level study and social building at Scotway House – looked after by

The award-winning residency has recently collected a number of awards. Congratulations to Christine and her team for all their amazing work.

? Winner of the ‘Amazing Space’ Category at the Northern Design Awards 2019 with KKA Interiors.

? Finalist for ‘Commercial Project of the Year’ with KKA Interiors at the upcoming Mixology Awards 2019.

? Finalist for ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the upcoming Property Week Student Accommodation Awards 2019.

CEO Craig Inglis on community, use class, and being brave!

building communities…

Hands up who remembers when we used to play hopscotch and Kerby; play on our bikes in the street. I do.

That is until my friend got a Sega Master System and then we never saw him again. After school he’d play, having to get the next level and forgetting he had pals.

I was driving about and I noticed that you rarely see kids playing in the street, but it’s not just kids, we’re all guilty of it – looking at the screen and not looking up.

Technology has moved on and we all know that there is a good side and a bad side, and I understand that change is inevitable but what we can do is to influence and innovate how we use technology and how we can use our buildings. Intelligent buildings. We wanted to build communities within our buildings and within communities so they can use them too.

There are plenty buzzwords around but what do we mean when we talk about co-living.

We have all been co-living our whole lives. When you are born you co-live with your parents, when you go to uni/college/apprentice you’re co-living with roommates or flatmates, when you’ve got a partner you’re co-living again – some call it co-living but it’s actually just living.

We’ve got a great opportunity to lead the way here. Intelligent lifestyles.

We proudly boast about being the first in Scotland so many times in history; in innovation.

From Alexander Bell to John Logie Baird, to the gaming industry in Dundee and shipbuilding in Glasgow – there’s too much to mention.  But we have the opportunity to be the first again – to reinvent how buildings are used. Co-living doesn’t exist in Scotland as yet. It’s starting to evolve in Manchester, in London, and Scotland has the chance to reinvent itself.

So many buildings have been built in the same way – you walk to the front door where you are buzzed in, there’s a lifeless corridor taking you straight to the lift and your flat, and you don’t see anyone in the building and speak to no one. There was never a vision to build a community, it’s just putting people into boxes and keeping the rain off.

With loneliness, isolation, and mental health now so talked about – there is an opportunity to really create, otherwise you are only simply building. We need to create the space for people to meet, to talk, to socialise, to work, to network, to communicate, to co-live, co-work, and co-create.

use classes…

 I am now convinced more than ever that the use-class of properties is more important.

Use classification was set out in 1997 then revised in 1998 and this defines how we use our buildings.

That’s 21 years ago. So, when I compare that to the mobile I was using then (which had more technology than the lunar landing but could only make calls for £1.50pm) to the one I have now (which can almost do anything), times have changed, and red tape needs to follow. I mean, who would have thought that one of the largest taxi companies in the world – Uber – wouldn’t actually own any taxis, but it does. So change has been exponential however within the property landscape, it has not evolved.

People have changed how they live, where they live, and are now global citizens but the legislation has not followed and, if you study the circular economy, at all you will see that we are wasting more than we have on construction as well.

In hotels, for example, we have 75% occupancy in a standard hotel. The hotel is designed and heated and managed as if it is at full capacity but there is a chance to use the other 25%. This could be used as space for co-working, for co-living, for long-term stays, for innovative start-ups, for cafes, for communities and so forth, our buildings could be full all of the time and much less wasted energy and materials. There’s a lack of intelligence.

We have to be at the forefront of changing this as an industry.

There’s a massive opportunity to attract people to live, to work, to study, and to help grow Scotland’s economy – with weekly costs in Scotland 20% lower than in London and 10% cheaper than the UK as a whole.

We have to be brave and not just look about at what other cities are doing but to measure ourselves against only us.

We don’t have as many cranes in the skies as Manchester, Leeds, Dublin. We need to not only attract investors, we need to keep retaining their investment in Scotland and utilising the investment we already have.

In February 2018, we signed a joint venture with investors Harrison Street to bring a sizeable investment to the UK, to Scotland. Being a SME company, we spent two years on the deal and naturally we wanted to invest in our own cities, in where we call home, in transforming places and spaces. We thought that the minute we did this, they would be breaking down the doors asking for us to spend this money in Scotland. We are still waiting on that phone call; not intelligent.

same old, same old…

When we simply do the same thing we end up with the same result and shouldn’t expect anything different. In 2008, it was a tough time for the property industry and when I think about where we were and where we are now heading economically, as a nation, it’s very much like my wife & I in labour (hear me out!).

She said some choice words to me and swore that she would never go near me and what had we been thinking – a year down the line and our son is 1 and she is starts talking about how it wasn’t that bad and wouldn’t it be nice to have another – so she has now forgotten how painful it was and that’s my point here. A lot have already forgotten how painful the crash was, how much many of us lost, there was no private sector development, there were no jobs in construction, the banks weren’t lending but rather collecting. People seem to have forgotten the pain and have gone back out like my wife and I.

When opportunity comes knocking, we need to answer the door, we need to change and grab it will both hands and now is the time to do just that. We need to change conversations, we need to start being honest about the barriers, talk about what is being created. Development isn’t a dirty word, student and co-living are a gift not a race to the bottom. We need construction, we need the jobs that flow, we need young talent from abroad and talented youngsters in our schools, we all talk about working together but we all know the reality is that there are barriers, we need to be brave and we need to start talking about them, and we need to start doing it not just going to conferences and taking notes to forget later.

Simply put there is always another way to do things. I was told recently that America spent something like $100,000 designing a pen that could write in space for their first lunar landing whereas the Russians simply used a pencil. The perfect example of thinking differently, intelligence.

Don’t take the easy options, take the right ones – be brave and do it.


By Craig Inglis, CEO Structured House Group, and Founder of BOHO



Designing with people in mind

Designing buildings with people in mind was a feature at the Scotland Development Conference today, 24 September.

CEO Craig Inglis, together with Christine Young, BOHO’s Managing Director, addressed a packed audience at the inaugural event.

More than 250 people joined the event to discuss the future vision for Scotland.

Craig spoke of the importance of creating communities within our builds, breaking the mould, and being brave through innovation and influence. He highlighted the substantial investment which shg has brought to Scotland and the UK and his desire to work in partnership with the public and private sector.

His keynote speech was followed by Christine Young, BOHO Management, and Scottish Minister for Trade, Investment & Innovations Ivan Paul McKee. 

Christine Young highlighted BOHO’s commitment to the Real Living Wage, working with local companies, designing building with people in mind, and investing in talent. 

Delegates ranged from the Scottish Government, local Councils, universities and the private sector with topics ranging from placemaking to investment, the Scottish Planning Reform to university expansions. 

Structured House Group and BOHO are delighted to be at the heart of the conversation, influencing and leading as innovators in property development.

Scotway House named a finalist for Herald’s Development of the Year

Structured House Group named a finalist in this year’s Herald Property Awards 2019.

Scotway House – our flagship £40million GDV development– has been shortlisted for Development of the Year, sponsored by Rettie & Co.

A record number of entries this year have been recorded, according to organisers.

Craig Inglis, CEO Structured House Group and Founder of BOHO, said:

“Together we have worked with our partners to transform a derelict and unloved site along Glasgow’s Riverside into a state-of-the-art and tech-savvy building, and home to more than 400 students from Scotland, the UK, and across the world.

“We are creating with people and place in mind, building a future that goes beyond development, where people co-live, co-work, and co-create. We’re delighted to be shortlisted by the Herald Property Awards and we wish all our fellow nominees best of luck on the night.”

Opening in September, Scotway House is now navigating a new history for what was once the location of a former shipbuilding drawing office since 1885. Work began on Scotway House in January 2018 to develop a 14-storey tower and an additional 6-storey 400-bed student accommodation, complete with a separate 3-storey building dedicated to studying and socialising with 24/7 staff, a library, cinema room, gym, social spaces, study pods and outdoor terraces. Already the property has been named one of the most instagrammable student properties by

The Herald Property Awards are in its 13th year of the awards, honouring the achievements of Scotland’s most innovative and successful house builders, developers and registered social landlords.

The event will take place on Thursday, September 26 at Glasgow’s DoubleTree by Hilton hotel.

Christine Young wins Managing Director of the Year

Glasgow-business leader Christine Young has scooped Managing Director of the Year at last night’s Scottish Women’s Awards.

Christine won the industry award at the annual event which celebrates the achievements of female entrepreneurs, business women, professionals and charity workers across Scotland.

Christine led the launch of BOHO, a new property-management brand, set up in 2018 by Structured House Group to manage the running of its buildings.

She received the award in recognition of her achievements which include establishing a strong team to deliver BOHO’s vision and the recent sell-out of the company’s flagship student residence at Scotway House in just 7months, which will be home to more than 400 students.

BOHO is set to open its flagship student residences at Scotway House along the Clydeside in September. The £40M GDV build by Structured House Group has already been named as one of the most instagrammable student accommodations in the UK.

Craig Inglis, CEO of Structured House Group and Founder of BOHO, said: “Christine is an outstanding Managing Director and has successfully built our brand and recruited a fantastic team. Christine has surrounded herself with a strong mixed team who, like her, are devoted to delivering what they say. BOHO’s first property Scotway House has sold out in just seven months and this is only the beginning for our ambitious brand.”

Christine added: “I am thrilled to have won the award and to have been nominated alongside so many wonderful companies and individuals. I am surrounded by a team of great people who understand BOHO’s ethos and all of whom work tirelessly to make our vision a reality.”

The Scottish Women’s Awards took place in Glasgow’s Crowne Plaza.

BOHO is a provider of rental apartments, hotel and student accommodation and is soon to announcing its latest BOHO property. With amenity space, 24/7 staff & social events and everything included within the cost, BOHO is reimagining living for its residents and putting community at the heart of its builds.

shg is backing Scotland

Structured House Group will be supporting Scotland in tomorrow’s final warm-up ahead of this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Scotland v France kicks off at 13.10 in Murrayfield and is the final prep for Gregor Townsend and his team ahead of the tournament in Japan.

Watch out for our brand behind the posts – a first for shg – as we take on France.

More information

shg to present at building environment networking conference

The economic growth opportunities and challenges which Scotland faces will be in the spotlight at the Built Environment Networking Conference next month. 

Craig Inglis will be joined by Managing Director of BOHO Christine Young to discuss ambitious plans for Scotland and the growth of Structured House Group (shg) & BOHO.

This year, shg & BOHO will be supporting the inaugural Built Environment Networking Conference to be held in Edinburgh’s International Conference Centre on Tuesday 24 September. 

The event is also backed by the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise with a host of leaders from the public and private sectors contributing to the one-day event. 

The focus will be on development, regeneration and economic growth across Scotland with organisers describing Scotland as having an evident ambition to deliver an unprecedented level of economic growth.

shg & BOHO will address more than 300 key stakeholders and decision-makers ahead of debates and conversations on Scotland’s regeneration.

shg launched its property-management brand BOHO in 2018 to look after its spaces and places.

BOHO is set to open Scotway House – its flagship £40million GDV student residence along the Clydeside. The 14-storey student accommodation, complete with a separate study building, is a state-of-the-art, tech savvy build and will be home to more than 400 students from Scotland, the UK, and across the world when it opens later this month. 

As innovators and influencers in the property market, Scotway House is designed with health and wellbeing in mind from the beginning. Placing community at the heart of everything we do, we are proud to create a future that goes beyond development and pivotal to this, is continued investment and growth.

Scotway House is one of a number of builds planned to bring student residences, built-to-rent, and hotels to Scotland and the rest of the UK. 

To find out more about the Built Environment Networking Conference or to purchase tickets click on the LINK





BOHO promotes Christine Young to Managing Director of the company as it prepares to open its first student residence Scotway House.

Structured House Group (shg) founded BOHO to look after its spaces and places in 2018.

Scotway House will open in September in the West End and welcome more than 400 new residents to its state-of-the-art facility.

Christine was head-hunted and brought in as Director of Operations in December 2017 to establish the brand and operational activities.

Christine Young, Managing Director of BOHO

During the past 18-months, BOHO has expanded with the appointment of 11 new staff members and the company is set to grow within the next few years with multiple projects in the pipeline with parent company Structured House Group. These include hotel and build-to-rent projects in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee as the portfolio grows.

CEO of Structured House Group and Founder of BOHO Craig Inglis said: “I am delighted to share this great news. Christine has successfully built our brand, recruited a fantastic team, and our first building is about to be sold out. This promotion is very well deserved, I can’t wait to see the future of BOHO as we evolve.”


Congratulations to our property brand BOHO on becoming the new official sponsors of Scottish Hockey.

BOHO, the brand, launched by Structured House Group’s CEO Craig Inglis, has just signed a four-year partnership to be the new official sponsors of Scotland’s national hockey teams.

CEO Craig Inglis chose to support the national team as he found a connection between the BOHO brand and the role sport plays within local communities.

Scottish National Hockey Team pictured with Craig Inglis and Scott Baird, Scottish Hockey.

He said: “BOHO places community at the centre of our ethos and by supporting Scottish Hockey, a proud sport for life, we found a synergy with our own brand and its vision.

“Structured House Group set up BOHO to look after each of our spaces and places – from our rental apartments to student residences and hotels – our buildings celebrate all kinds of living as you journey through life. It is with immense pride that we are the new official sponsors of Scottish Hockey and to support them through the next chapter as they develop.”

The exciting four-year partnership with the national squad will see Scotland’s  teams supported ahead of a huge summer of international hockey with Glasgow hosting the Women’s EuroHockey Championships II in Glasgow, this August.

BOHO met with the Chair of Scottish Hockey Scott Baird and the Senior, U21, U18, and U16 squads for the unveiling of the new strips.

Scott Baird added: “BOHO is a thriving and ambitious company operating in Scotland with a global outlook and we are delighted to partner with a likeminded brand, which advocates health and wellbeing. The partnership will further raise the profile of Scottish Hockey as a sport for life with an exciting long-term future ahead as we enter into a massive summer of international hockey.”

Representing the Scotland Women’s team was Captain Kaz Cuthbert. She said: “All the players are absolutely delighted to have support from BOHO – it’s a big boost to us all.”