Our new Glasgow-based property management company BOHO has released a first glimpse inside the £40m GDV Scotway House development.

BOHO has been set up by Structured House Group (shg) to manage our portfolio of properties including student, hotel and residential developments.

Our flagship development is Scotway House alongside Glasgow’s historic harbour and the former site of Meadowside Shipyard office.

BOHO will manage and run the building which will house around 400 students when it opens its doors in September 2019. A first glimpse inside the modern, tech-savvy and character-filled property has been released today with CGI images of what students can expect as it launches its booking service for academic year 2019.

Craig Inglis, CEO of Structured House Group, said: “It is important to us that we not only build but manage the properties we develop. Scotway House will be home to the next generation of changemakers along the Clydeside and we want our residents to have a great experience, to socialise, and to thrive in the city. BOHO, our in-house property management arm, will ensure we can create the communities we wish to build, get to know our neighbours, and look after our residents.”

BOHO is working with award-winning KKA Interior on the interior design of a three-storey dedicated study and socialising space within the property. Scotway House will also offer residents spacious rooms (15-51m2) with superfast wi-fi throughout, River Clyde views, a roof terrace, cinema, gym, group and private study pods, courtyard garden, group cooking, dining area and TV/gaming area.

Christine Young, BOHO Operations Director, said “We want Scotway House to have personality and to be a place where everyone feels at home. With the best study and social spaces and most up-to-date technology, our residents can get together to study, cook, eat, socialise or just relax in this stunning building. We’re looking forward to opening our doors in September 2019 and welcoming people to our thriving city.”


Scotway House will open for the new academic year beginning September 2019. To find out more about booking go to



As a major stakeholder on the High Street with our Merchant Residential proposals at the gateway to the City, we welcome the new High Street Strategy to reinvigorate the area.

Our ambitions continue to be to regenerate the site and a new focus and Strategy on the area can only be a positive for the city and the residents.

We are continuing to work with Glasgow City Council on our new proposals for residential accommodation, which will be looked after by our in-house management-team BOHO – as we build for the long-term.

We are hoping to invest £40million in Merchant Residential with the potential for a minimum of 500 jobs on site.


We look forward to sharing our new plans and the progress we have made with Glasgow City Council planners in the near future. We will continue to keep the local community updated as we progress through planning. If you would like to know more or feedback your views, let us know by contacting

Read Glasgow City Council’s High Street Strategy 



Home of the Scottish Parliament, the Castle, Greyfriars Bobby and now our first-joint proposal, Structured House Group will showcase refreshed proposals, together with Scotmid Co-operative, at two Public Information Days next week.  

The two days of public information will show the community and interested stakeholders new and refreshed proposals for a state-of-the-art store and student accommodation at 236 Gorgie Road next week. 

Partnering with Scotmid, we hope to bring a new and refreshing development to the local area and will be exhibiting our plans on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th of November at the Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse Church of Scotland from 2-7pm.

Working with Edinburgh City Council and following comments from locals and the Edinburgh Urban Design team, the team has worked extensively on revisions to the plans which we are keen to showcase to the public.

Our joint submission will see the community-convenience store transformed, which Scotmid will continue run, and our student apartments, management by our in-house operation team BOHO.

“This is a major development for Scotmid and we are proud to forge a partnership with a co-operative that has strong values and a history of supporting its local communities. Bringing local amenities together with student accommodation will further strengthen our offering for students in the area and bring a significant boost to the local economy.” Craig Inglis | CEO Structured House Group

We have teamed up with Edinburgh’s Manson Architects + Planners which has run number of large-scale projects and has been nominated for previous Property Awards as well as being listed as an Urban Realm Top 100.

The apartments will include internal amenity in the form of lounge/kitchen/dining areas for each cluster flat and common rooms and 100% of cycle storage will be included for each student. On site management of the upper floors will be incorporated into the secure entrance of the build. 

From inception to completion, we look after our buildings and our people and will be managing the build through our in-house management team, BOHO.

The proposed development, subject to planning, should to be completed by 2020 with the store back in operation and servicing the local community before the end of 2019.


Be that in new spaces or forgotten locations, we are putting our investment in people, in places and in our cities.

There’s a new wave of thinking that values flexibility and choice over traditional ways of living and working. One where neighbours share facilities, people share working space and new communities are created, be that in our residences or our work spaces.

One where neighbours share facilities, people share working space and new communities are created.

And we don’t just pay lip service to this. We are at the forefront of creating this. We look at other angles and see what can be achieved.

And we make the change happen.

It doesn’t stop there. We not only buy, design, plan and build, we choose to look after the places we own through the launch of our very own in-house management company, BOHO.

It means we can build for the long-term, get to know our neighbours, look after our homes and our residents.

We see the potential in urban spaces, in unloved and neglected sites, where we can return residential living to our towns and cities.



Structured House Group, GRAHAM, NIXON & BOHO attend ‘topping out’ on historic site.

The team behind the latest development along the historic Clydeside at Scotway House marked a significant milestone as they reached the top of the build.

Structured House Group, together with Graham, were pictured on the top of the 14-storey build during a topping out ceremony.

The £40million GDV project is a significant investment for the city and has brought more than 300 jobs and employed a number of local companies.

This is the first in a series of projects planned by Glasgow-based Structured House Group (SHG), as part of a £500m joint venture deal with a US company signed earlier this year.

The project team is joined by Director of NIXON and Structured House’s Chief Operating Officer, Richard McFadzean. Nixon Consultants is leading as employers’ agents, project managers and principal designers. 

Scotway House is located on the historic site of the former Meadowside Shipyard Office – which recorded the build of more than 30 anchor line ships in its day – and will house 399 students when it opens in September 2019.

Christine Young and Gillian Sloan of BOHO, the Glasgow-based property-management company set up by Structured House to run and manage its hotels, residential accommodation and student apartments, also attended to see the progress of its new student built.

Craig Inglis, CEO of sag, said: “We have reached a significant milestone on the build and we are proud our new accommodation will be a landmark along the Clyde.

Investment in Glasgow is one our key ambitions and to continue the transformation of this great city as a place people want to live, work, visit and invest. Our aspirations for the city are to build excellent developments, provide jobs, boost the local economy, and to see a sizeable amount of investment that supports the ambitions of this city. That is why we are excited to see the transformation of Scotway House that continues to grow week-by-week.”


As the move to bring back city-centre living continues to grow, we have launched new proposals for residential accommodation in Hydepark Street, Glasgow. 

People Make Glasgow is the strapline and, with a rise in numbers living in the city in the last few years, more and more people are choosing to move back to our cities; choosing city-centre living to live, work and play.

Our proposed residential accommodation at Hydepark will attract and retain the next generation of city dwellers.

Located in a city with three universities, the University of Glasgow, Strathclyde University and Glasgow Caledonian University, we know there is a wealth of talent looking to stay and work in the city.

And with the rise in demand, so is the need for more living spaces.

Our proposals are to transform commercial office space into residential accommodation for the rental market. A new generation of city dwellers choosing to co-work and co-live.

This is not a new concept in many cities but one that Glasgow is yet to fully embrace. We all know it’s better and more economical to co-share driving and working, so why not living? Co-living is what we’ve all done our whole lives since we were born, so why not now. Our residences will have co-facilities to cut down on bills and allow you to do the best part, living.

Located next to the city’s Financial District, the River Clyde and the vibrant music scene at the SSE Hydro, the area is undergoing a revival and now is an excellent opportunity for city-centre living in our Hydepark location.


Housing our changemakers

Scotway House will be home to future leaders, doctors, nurses, engineers, scientists, builders; jobs that probably don’t even exist today.  

Our flagship accommodation is build on the historic Clydeside. 

Located on the historic Clydeside before the build.

A wee bit of history 

Scotway House was the former office of Meadowside Shipyard and it is recorded that more than 30 anchor line ships were built here between 1876 and 1911.

Present Day 

Fast forward to 2018 and now new student accommodation and two new restaurants are coming out of the ground.

Graham, one of the industry leaders, is managing the construction and Glasgow-based Nixon Consultants has been appointed as employers agents, project managers and principal designers.

Not only that, we are determined to make our mark on the city and have established our own team of Glaswegians to run our accommodation to look after our students, mapping out a new history for Scotway House. Meet BOHO

Students are the life and soul of our great city and we will be delighted to home them in our high tech landmark site at Scotway. Follow our progress as we plot the journey of our new residences.

Gateway to Merchant City

We have submitted plans for residential accommodation at the gateway to Merchant City.

Revisiting a key regeneration opportunity, we are proposing residential living aimed at attracting people to live in the city centre, in line with Glasgow City Council strategy and policies.

Merchant Residential, at the corner of the High Street and George Street, will include a mix of office and retail space for start-ups and businesses as well as private-rental apartments.

The proposals have the potential to create more than 500 jobs and bring an investment of £40million to the local area.

To date, we have launched a proposal of Application Notice ahead of the formal pre-application process.

Our ambitions continue to be to turn a dilapidated site into an attractive mix of residential accommodation for residents choosing to rent close to the city amenities, shops, bars, restaurants, and transport links.

Merchant Residential will be managed by the company’s in-house property management-arm, BOHO.

We’ve launched a project website Merchant Residential to chart our journey.

£40M Investment

Scotway House is our flagship development in Glasgow. 

It’s where the past and present meet on Glasgow’s historic Harbour with views of the Riverside Museum.

Investment in Glasgow is one our key ambitions and to continue the transformation of this great city as a place people want to live, work, visit and invest.

Our aspirations for the city are to build excellent developments, provide jobs, boost the local economy, and to see a sizeable amount of investment that supports the ambitions of this city. That is why we are excited to see the transformation of Scotway House that continues to grow week by week.

We are investing £40m on the historic shipyard site of Scotway House which will cater for the region’s universities and further education institutions. It’s an exciting and ambitious project and it’s happening now.

What’s my name?

Our vision is that each of our properties will have their own identity, unique to each of the cities where we are.

Simplicity and community are our main characteristics. We’re lucky because we are aren’t constrained by red tape. We’re using advances in technology to our advantage and to make our properties places that put people and safety first.

When people talk about co-living and co-working what do they mean? It’s described as a  relatively new phenomenon but when you think about it, people have been co-living their whole lives.

When you are born you co-live with your parents, when you go to university or college, you co-live with your roommates, and when you meet someone, again, you’re co-living. It’s something that we all do without realising it.

The concept is not new as people have always shared facilities like gardens and amenities in apartments and flats but what is new is the drive to create better communities for people, socially and economically.

Rapid urbanisation, ageing populations and non-nuclear families means that there is no one size fits all approach anymore. We are all living in different ways with many choosing to move back into cities for jobs, convenience and city living.

Whether you are old or young, the idea of having all the luxuries like a gym, cinema, restaurant, library and bar under the same roof, included in the price of your rent, is a dream for many.

We all want more in our pockets and by turning convention on its head and believing that it can be done differently we are.

We also know we have a transient population choosing to move between cities for work, life and the experience; those who really do value the journey over the destination.

Let us be a part of your story.