BOHO launch website

“Our vision to change the here and now in existing property markets, harness innovation, empower our flock and be internationally recognised as those folk who do a great job.”

Our new property-management company BOHO based in Glasgow has launched its bold, ambitious, creative, fun and fabulous new website.

From student to hotel, to our residential experience, BOHO takes our vast knowledge of the market and makes it their own.

With an eclectic nod to design, a flair for creativity, an enviable amount of talent in our teams, BOHO pure and simple is a great opportunity to do things the right way, the BOHO way, from the very beginning.

We couldn’t just handover our buildings to others who didn’t have the passion we have, so we built our own property-management wing to operate our portfolio.

BOHO looks after our spaces and places; each with their own identity much like the uniqueness of the cities we have landed in.

Browse around and see our first property located in Glasgow’s West End at Scotway House.

We don’t just build, we build communities.

Welcome to

Creating spaces

We want to create spaces for people to live, to work, to enjoy.

Too many before haven’t looked up.

From the very beginning, our journey takes us to understand the people and places where we operate. Every possibility, every problem, every hurdle that must be overcome, we want to be proud of what we have created and with whom.


Following in the footsteps of those who have gone before, we are eager to make our mark on the spaces that we create. It is always our our intention, where we can, to relocate the sculptural artworks within our newly created public spaces. We want to pave the way for our sites to take on a new future while paying homage to the past.