We’re holding a public consultation in Discovery Point, Dundee on March 5 to hear the views of locals, residents and businesses on our vision for site 17 in the city.

We are working with Dundee architects Nicoll Russell Studios and Dundee City Council in line with its City Waterfront Masterplan – which is a £1billion transformation of the area in a project spanning 30 years.

It’s early days but we have submitted a proposal of application to the Council this week.

The public consultation will be an opportunity to feed into our proposals for the brownfield site which sits to the east of the Tay Bridge.

Located next to the Waterfront, site 17 is located closely to the prestigious V&A Museum of Design and easily accessible to major cycling routes.

Director of Nicoll Russell Studios said: “We are working with Structured House Group on its plans for the redevelopment of the site. We look forward to presenting our designs and ambitions at the public consultation. It is an exciting time to be working to rejuvenate our city and our designs will work to complement the city’s sense of place and identity. We look forward to welcoming residents and businesses to our event.”

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