As one of the leading providers of community living, student developments and hotels, Structured House Group acquire, design, obtain planning and develop innovative and eco-friendly developments throughout the UK.

As people we are devoted to high standards – having started out with the idea that we can deliver a product at a higher standard than available, we have been working intensively with our design teams, construction teams and the management company to deliver sustainability and value. Our developments are delivered expediently and cost-effectively using lean construction, product standardisation and modular design.

Structured House Group work hard at building awareness, understanding and good relations with the people we impact by engaging and involving faculty, students, the community and all other stakeholders in a project-wide approach throughout the construction process.

The process from sourcing to planning gain is carried out internally and we work closely with our design team and project managers to ensure expedient delivery.

With the management team having created a successful brand and having a roll out until 2022 in place, Structured House Group are moving into the next phase. We are looking to invest in under valued and under supplied cities throughout mainland Europe.We are setting new standards – and we deliver for the long-term.