Why Plymouth?

Creating with people and place in mind. We are building a future that goes beyond development where people co-live, co-work, and co-create.

This is a new offering to Plymouth, set not only to change the city's skyline but to bring a new way of working and living to the city centre.

We are embarking on a significant project to attract and retain talented Plymouthians to city-centre living and to breathe new life back into Derry's Cross.

Our ambition is to ensure lasting benefits to Plymouth, which has navigated us to Derry’s Cross. 

We are proposing to bring residential accommodation in the form of co-living to the city; a first for Plymouth. 

In essence, we have been co-living our whole lives as we live side-by-side first with our families, then as young adults, and now as communities.

We know millennials and non-nuclear families want alternative models of accommodation that encompasses living with working and creates new communities. Whilst relatively new to the UK, the concept of co-living is well-established in North America and more recently the UK is following the trend to meet a new demand for flexibility, to retain talent, and to bring city centres back to life.

With the skyline in Plymouth rapidly changing, our investment in the city is set to put it on a new course and give a new viable option for professionals and those seeking an alternative residential accommodation option and work-life balance.

We believe city centres should be places for living, working, shopping and where people are brought together. 

Our designer

Designed by award-winning CarsonSall, our proposals will be for an aesthetic, enhanced community-living development. We are proud to be working with CSA, an architectural company committed to projects with strong social outcomes. 

Our designs are not created in a vacuum but look to assist to the city’s transformation and to complement developments such as Sutton Harbour, Royal William Yard and the planned transformation of the Sugar Quay site.  From conception to completion, we look after our own properties. And our fabulous in-house property-arm, BOHO, will run, maintain and manage the properties we construct as we build for the long-term.

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138 Hydepark Street
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Providence Yard
Ezra Street
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