Be  Bold, Be Ambitious 

Be that in new spaces or forgotten locations, we are putting our investment in people, in places, and in our cities.

There's a new wave of thinking that values flexibility and choice over traditional ways of living and working. One where neighbours share facilities, people share working space and new communities are created, be that in our residences or our work spaces.

And we don’t just pay lip service to this. We are at the forefront of creating this. We look at other angles and see what can be achieved.
We make the change happen.

It doesn't stop there. We not only buy, design, plan and build, we choose to look after the places we own through the launch of our very own in-house management company, BOHO.

It means we can build for the long-term, get to know our neighbours, look after our homes and our residents. 

We see the potential in urban spaces, in unloved and neglected sites, where we can return residential living to our towns and cities.

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138 Hydepark Street
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Providence Yard
Ezra Street
E2 7RJ


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