bold ambition;
we are Structured House Group

the group.

Creating with people and place in mind.  We’re building a future that goes beyond development where people co-live, co work and co-create. One where communities are created. 

Born in 2013, Structured House Group ambitions are to do things differently. We are a company with a global outlook; innovation and entrepreneurship are in our DNA. To rethink how we live, how we work, what we can do, and how we evolve.

new horizons.

It’s the old and the new, modern and traditional, thought-provoking, challenging and disrupting. It’s about people, it’s about lives, it’s about jobs. It’s about thinking unconventionally, being creative, being comfortable with silences while making lots of noise. It’s about always getting there; it’s about brand.

Because we know we’re not just creating properties; we are creating communities. We create with people and place in mind, building a future that goes beyond development, where people co-live, co-work, and co-create. Be it in new spaces or forgotten locations, we are putting our investment in people, in places, and in our cities.